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If you are looking to immerse yourself in the Meridian Massage Approach, this is the program for you! It is the BEST of what Big Tree School of Natural Healing has to offer. It gives you access to all four Guide Courses, Mastermind Meetings, Sensing Qi, a Private Student Forum, and additional training videos.


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    A full line-up that will establish your educational foundation and improve your bodywork results.

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    Study at your own pace. In addition, all of the content can be downloaded and saved for unlimited access.

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    Approved for 65 CEUs for licensed Massage Therapists in NY and FL, and by the NCBTMB.

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There are 4 parts to the program:

Part 1: All Four Guide Courses

Meridian Massage Approach Online Certification with Big Tree School of Natural Healing



Meridian Massage is based on the principles of Chinese medicine. Each Guide Course is a "piece of the puzzle" of Chinese medical theory.

Part 2: Mastermind Meetings

Mastermind Meetings with Big Tree School of Natural Healing



There will be weekly calls with Cindy to weave the material together into practical applications in your personal and/or professional life. These Mastermind Meetings will give you the support to efficiently learn this body of knowledge and integrate it into your hands-on work.

Part 3: Sensing Qi

Sensing Qi with Cindy Black

Sensing Qi is a 3-month program that answers vital questions which improve your understanding of Qi.

There are 14 instructional videos and 31 guided lessons to help bring about a special awareness of this elusive subject.

This is your guided, kinesthetic practice to improve your ability of using meridians and acupoints, to feel and work with Qi.

Part 4: Private Student Forum


Meridian Massage Certification Online Forum


An Online Forum

The Forum is for Meridian Massage Approach: Online Certification students only. You will have 24 hours - 7 days a week access to the private Facebook group. Work with others to clarify the information and ask questions. Cindy will also be in there answering your questions and supporting you along the way.

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Let's take a closer look at each course -

The Guide to the 12 Meridians

Guide to the 12 Meridians

The Guide to the 12 Meridians consists of 4 in-depth Classes covering multiple aspects of working with the meridians for optimal health.

In the Guide to the 12 Meridians you will:

  1. Learn the pathways and uses of all 12 meridians.
  2. Learn the meridians within their Yin/Yang partnerships.
  3. Learn to locate and use 24 acupoints.
  4. Gain clarity and confidence.

"I have taken many classes with Cindy over the years. Each time I come away feeling that some more pieces and parts of me have been healed - physically, emotionally, and spiritually." - Kari Hoyt, Bodease

The Guide to the 5 Elements

In the Guide to the 5 Elements, learn how to utilize each of the 5 Elements to enhance and balance your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Nature offers us many resources. The 5 Elements of Chinese medicine show us how to access the resources of Nature so that we can take better care of ourselves and others.

The course consists of 4 in-depth classes.

Guide to the 5 Elements

"Loved this course! Deepened my knowledge of the elements - especially the positive emotional aspects, and how the consolidating and control cycles can be used to work with the emotions. Thank you so much Cindy!" - Challice Robinson

The Guide to the Organ Systems

Guide to the Organ Systems

Learn the physiology of each organ from the Chinese medical perspective. When you understand how each organ interacts with the entire web of meridians, acupoints, Elements, and Yin/Yang, then you are able to fully understand the dynamics of Qi. This course gives you the background you need to accurately evaluate and treat your clients with Meridian Massage.

In the Guide to the Organ Systems, we dive into the Four Vital Substances: Spirit, Qi, Blood, and Essence; and how each Organ System contributes to the formation and transformation of each substance. Chinese physiology is very different than western physiology. The Guide to the Organ Systems walks you through these differences, while teaching you the fundamentals of Chinese physiology.

"Cindy's class was fun, innovative, and personal. I re-discovered my own intuition, as well as learned how profound the work is to myself and my clients. Cindy has a special gift for sharing and teaching." Paula Begel

The Guide to 60 Transformational Acupoints

The Guide to 60 Transformational Acupoints clearly breaks down powerful acupoints into traditional point categories. Learning in this style helps the student make sense of this big body of work.

If you want to maximize the use of acupoints in your hands-on healing, you need to know more than just where a point is located. You need to know the dynamics of each of the point and its associated specifics, qualities, and actions. The key to learning these dynamics is to know the points that belong to traditional point categories.

Guide to 60 Transformational Acupoints

"Once you enter the world of Big Tree School of Natural Healing you will be amazed. The [Guide to] 60 Transformational Acupoints course is impressive." Karan Gibbons

Taking Yin and Yang Further

You will also have instant access to Taking Yin & Yang Further.

  • The Taoist roots of Yin and Yang.
  • How Yin and Yang manifest in our human form and nature.
  • How to assess the relative balance of Yin and Yang in yourself and clients.
  • How to adjust your exercise, massage, meditation, and diet to get back to Yin and Yang balance

"Thoroughly enjoyed the class...Cindy you are a great teacher! You make the information fit together, so it is easy to understand and apply!" - Lori

Meet Your Instructor -

Cindy Black, L.Ac., LMT