Guide to the Organ Systems

Organs are understood within an energetic, mind-body framework when explored from the Chinese medical perspective. The Guide to the Organ Systems teaches the mind-body-emotions-spirit dynamic of the 12 Organs in Chinese medicine.

Each Organ is explored individually and within the perspective of the 5 Elements, Yin, Yang, the Four Vital Substances, and its role within the web of all Organ Systems.

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Learn the mind-body-emotions-spirit dynamic
of the 12 Organs in Chinese medicine.

The Guide to the Organ Systems is intended to give the practitioner a solid foundation in Chinese medical physiology so that they understand commonly seen symptoms and conditions from the energetic perspective of Chinese medicine.

Understanding Chinese physiology offers practitioners an invaluable tool for assessing and addressing conditions that elude modern western medicine. Knowing the specifics of each Organ System empowers the practitioner to make better choices about which acupoints to use in order to return the system to balance, flow, and health.

The Four Vital Substances (Spirit, Energy, Blood, Essence) are the “building blocks of life,” which each Organ System absorbs, transforms, stores, or transports. The activity of the Four Vital Substances and the 12 Organ Systems is the basis of Chinese medical physiology.  

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Here is an example of the dynamics of an Organ System.

You will learn why it is important to understand how all these aspects integrate with one organ system.

All I can say is WOW. The Guide to the Organ Systems course gave me so many “A-ha’s." It answered many of my questions and then also sent me off to ponder even deeper. I loved the way this class was broken up into short sessions. So perfect for fitting into a busy schedule! I could watch a class mid-day, or for half hour at night, and then digest the information for a day or two, before diving in to take another bite!

Thank you, for once again bringing me deeper into the theory of Chinese Medicine, and making it a perfect tool for my hands on work with clients! Marvelous! -Aniiyah Klock, LMT/RMT